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Thursday, April 13, 2006

How to Read this Blog

Before I go too much further, I might suggest that if you want to receive these entries as they are posted, you should consider adding the corresponding RSS feed. Of course, that presumes you use an RSS reader. These readers can aggregate postings from several sources into an always-up-to-date digest.

There are many RSS readers avaiable. Some run on directly on your machine as standalone applications; some run within Outlook (to make feed articles look like emails); and, following the web-centric zeitgeist, several run "on the web". My choice falls in that last category. I use Bloglines. What I love about it is its accessibility, and its separation from my other sources of more urgent information (as you know, reading blogs can be as distracting as informative).

This blog can be accessed via the Atom XML site feed here:
You'll want to use that address a source for your RSS reader.


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