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Monday, August 21, 2006

EverNote 1.5beta is Available

You can download it here: EverNote 1.5beta

While I haven't tested any of the new features in this release (like multiple databases or synchronization), and have until now used only the free version of the former release (which excludes inking), I can report it is stable and hasn't yet corrupted my database.

To install it, you should uninstall your prior version first. Installing EverNote 1.5beta will still "point" to your former database, so the transition should be easy.

I do note several bugfixes in the new release, the most important for me being that character effects like bold, etc., now behave better (they stay off when you turn them off inline).

Pasting text from external sources also appears to work correctly now, without the odd double-spacing produced by EverNote 1.1.

At its base, the upgrade looks good.


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